Bess Reed Park

On the banks of the Clark Fork River, nestled between neighborhoods and hotels, sits Bess Reed Park. The picnic tables and luscious green grass attract people to come there to relax.  In autumn, the calm atmosphere and peaceful environment is perfect for those looking to escape the stress and business of daily life and let colorful leaves fall around them as they take their dog for a leisurely walk. There are some big leafy trees, many friendly squirrels, and a small flower garden, most likely taken care of by some neighborhood gardeners. If people enjoy sitting on a bench and looking out over the calm water of the Clark Fork after dinner, then this is the place to go.

One of the greatest features in the park is the riverside trail, which many runners, walkers and bikers frequently use.  Along the trail there are many benches for people to use while they stop and enjoy the view of the river. The park is also easily accessible day and night with two street entrances and lamps along the trail, making the park feel safe and comfortable, especially at night. The park’s close proximity to downtown makes it also a convenient place to enjoy lunch on various picnic tables or a nice leisure mid day stroll. Despite its location right off Higgins Street, Bess Reed Park’s quiet atmosphere is a great place to study for an upcoming test or enjoy time to yourself with minimal distractions.  On the other hand, if you’re looking to play a game of soccer or basketball, Bess Reed is not the place to host such an event. Due to the tree scattered lawn and random picnic tables, it does not create a conducive environment for such activities. If you’re enjoying an event or concert in the nearby Caras Park, Bess Reed offers time away from the crowds and noise.

All in all, Bess Reed Park is a nice cozy nook in the heart of Missoula, Montana where people come to enjoy time together or relax by themselves while reading a book or people watching. We all can benefit from Bess Reed Park’s solitude and peacefulness.

– Gavin Reim, Robin Spielman, Scott Mathson, and James Barnett

Bess Reed Park 2012 Bess Reed Park 2012


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